About Us

Importance of logistics in modern business

The proposed business Changing Logistics is a transportation company that will specialize in the shipment of cargo for domestic corporations. It primarily conveys long haul (interstate) cargo using semi and medium trucks with flatbed, dry van or refrigerated trailers. The type of freight transported, but is not limited to machinery, industrial material, electronics, food products, vehicles, manufactured products, and textiles/leather.


We use the seven right of logistics as the core value of our company. As logistics managers we sought to make the value-added contribution of logistics more visible to upper management, the “seven rights” of logistics were coined and publicized. The seven rights are, to deliver the right product, in the right quantity and the right condition, to the right place at the right time for the right customer at the right price. These seven rights highlighted the importance of moving and storing materials in an efficient, timely, and reliable manner. The seven rights also linked logistics to the key strategic objectives of cost competitiveness, quality, flexibility, and delivery. The seven rights demonstrate that logistic activities provided the foundation for high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Becoming the leading logistics company in our region, as well as a referent within our industry, generating meaningful relationships with our strong base of loyal clients, and providing them with useful and modern tools to maximize their efficiency, allowing them to generate both short and long term profit.

We aim to generate a positive impact for our clients’, by helping them optimize both time and costs.